Deposits are not refundable. 

TERMS: Deposit with the signed proposal. The balance will be due on installation/delivery. 

Delivery and installation are estimated at approximately 4-6 weeks from the date deposit, signed proposal, material (fabric choices, colors, etc.) selection and permit are received. 

For all commercial projects, we require a copy of all required permits before beginning manufacturing. Hunzinger Williams is able to provide assistance to acquire needed permit(s) for a fee of $300.00 plus the cost of the permit, which will be added to the balance of the invoice.

This proposal may be withdrawn if not accepted within 30 days from the day was sent. 

1. Purchaser shall have no right of the recession on special order or custom made goods and shall forfeit all down payments and be fully responsible to pay the entire balance due under all circumstances. 

2. When goods are not installed by Seller, Purchaser acknowledges that he has inspected said goods and accepts them as conforming to the specifications herein and they are free of any/all defects. 

3. If the customer requests total installation or any part of the installation to be delayed for whatever reason, full payment will be due for an entire contract at the time of originally scheduled installation. 

4. Awnings purchased hereunder shall be manufactured and installed according to the specifications stated herein and following industry standards. 

5. Purchaser shall be solely responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and the approval of any government entities at the purchaser’s cost. 

6. Any plans, drawings (whether to scale or freehand) requested by Purchaser after the contract has been accepted due to changes in the design or specifications hereof, or for any reason shall be an additional charge to Purchaser based on the detail and time expended by Seller. 

7. All fabrics used in the construction of awnings are water repellent but not waterproof. Wrinkles or small flaws are generally anticipated for normal fabrication and will not affect the warranty. Distortions in the metal framework or minor variations in dimensions shall not affect the validity of this contract. 

8. The product sold is designed to attach to a building based on visible representations or information as to the construction of the said building at the time of sale. In the event, the product sold cannot be supported by said building due to incorrect or incomplete information, modifications to support structure will be made as necessary with the consent of Purchaser at additional cost to Purchaser. 

9. ELECTRIC WORK - All electric work, parts, labor, and components are by the owner or a registered electrician. Costs are not included unless specifically noted on the contract. 

10. All agreements contingent upon strikes, fire, accidents, natural disasters, acts of God, or delays beyond our control to obtain necessary materials. Owner to carry fire, tornado, and other necessary insurance. Our workers are fully covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Delays or failure of performance caused by “any act, event, or condition that has a material adverse effect on the ability of a party to this Agreement to perform its obligations hereunder if such act, event, or condition is beyond the reasonable control of such party and is not the result of such party’s willful or negligent action or inaction and shall include, without limitation, (i) acts of God, war, public disorders, insurrection, rebellion, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, lightning, or other natural calamities; (ii) acts or inaction of governmental or regulatory agencies or judicial bodies or changes in laws; (iii) explosions or fires; (iv) strikes or labor disturbances; (v) delays in obtaining goods or services from any subcontractor, materialman, or supplier by reason of any occurrence of any of the foregoing causes; or (v) any unforeseeable act or omission of any third party.” 

11. Any photos taken of the project could be subject to use in our marketing materials.    

NOTE: Cost Protection: Due to cost volatility for materials, prices subject to change. Past due balances are subject to a late charge of 1.5% monthly,18% annually, or the maximum per states law. If balances/invoices must be placed with a third party for collection, the customer is responsible for these additional collections and legal fees. Do not email/mail credit card information. 

We do not accept Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle.